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Marriage is a wonderful event which takes place in many of our lives.  This page aims to assist those who would like to be married,  so that the process is easy, and doesn't detract from that excitement.


What the Couples Need to know prior to their Wedding Arrangements

1. Both Parties must approach the Pastor of their own parish before setting a wedding date

2. Both Parties must be 18 years and older.

3. Both Parties have never been married before either civilly or religiously to any other Party.

4. Both Parties must take the Marriage Preparation Course without exception.

5. Roman Catholic Couples must obtain their Baptismal Certificates issued within 6 months of their wedding, from the parish where they were baptized. It is unacceptable, if the issue date is prior to 6 months.

6. If one Party is not Roman Catholic but baptized in another Christian Denomination, that Party must obtain a baptismal certificate issued any date, old or new does not matter. This non-Roman Catholic Party must also obtain an affidavit from a friend or a parent or a brother or a sister stating that this Party is known him/her and has never been married before, also containing the date, address, telephone, email and the signature of the person who is making this affidavit.

7. If one Party has never been baptized in any Christian Denomination, this Party also requires a similar affidavit with aforementioned details also adding that this Party has never been baptised in any Christian denomination.

8. The person who writes the affidavit must mention his/her relationship (friend or father or mother etc.) to the Party.

9. At least 3 months in advance, the couple must call the Parish Office to book an appointment to have their Pre-Nuptial Investigation done. When they come for the Investigation, they must bring baptismal certificates or affidavit, the civil licence, the church fees and the names of their witnesses.

10. When the couple calls the Parish Office, a rehearsal date and time can also be set or if they have not done so before.


Wedding Ceremony in the Church

11. If both Parties are Roman Catholics, they are encouraged to have their wedding ceremony during the Holy Mass.


12. If one Party is not Roman Catholic, it is strongly recommended that the whole wedding ceremony to take place without the Holy Mass.

13. In such case, a Deacon may perform the wedding ceremony.

14. Proper Sacred Scripture Readings must be selected and suggested to the Pastor or the Deacon. The names of the Readers must also be given to the Pastor or Deacon.

15. Music selection must be done by the Couples in consultation with the Parish Organist or Cantor. The Couples have to pay their fees directly to them.

16. A Rehearsal date must be set to practice and coordinate the wedding day ceremony.

17. For decorations: flowers and bows are allowed but confetti is not permitted.

Pre-Nuptial Investigation or Interview with the couples 


Certificates that couples must bring with them for the interview as follows:


1. If both parties are Roman Catholics: They must bring their Baptismal Certificates, issued within 6 months of the date of their wedding.


2. If one party is Protestant: The Protestant must bring a copy of his or her baptismal certificate issued any date and also provide an affidavit stating “To whom it may concern that so and so has never been married either civilly or religiously”, but baptized as an Anglican or United Church or Lutheran etc.: signed, dated, addressed, phone number and email address by a parent, if not by a close relative who knows the bride or the groom.


3. If one party is not a Christian: that is, never been baptized, for example, Atheist, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Buddhist. This non-Christian party is also to provide an affidavit stating “To whom it may concern that so and so has never been married and never been baptized”: signed, dated, addressed, phone number and email address by a parent, if not by a close relative who knows the bride or the groom.


4. They must also bring the copy of Certificate of their Marriage Preparation Course.


5. They must also bring the Civil Marriage License collected from the City Hall or Municipal Office.


General instructions:


6. The couple will need to contact the office as soon as possible if they have not booked a rehearsal time.


7. If the couple is seeking guidance in selecting their music, readings, etc. ask them to call the office.

If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please contact our office or meet with Fr. Vincent, the Church Pastor.

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